Don't Let Termites Take Over

Don't Let Termites Take Over

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Don't ignore the signs of a termite infestation. Ace Pest Control provides termite control services in Big Spring, Odessa and Midland, TX.

Termites can eat away at the wood surfaces in your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs if left unchecked. We can lay down bait traps and spray insecticides in your home to exterminate the termites you've been sharing your living space with. You might have termites if:

  • You're noticing mud tubes near your home's foundation
  • You're noticing small holes in wood surfaces
  • You're noticing frass, or sawdust-like piles in your house
  • You're noticing insect wings around your home

Call 432-523-2084 today to set up your termite control appointment. We'll exterminate every last termite in your home.

How to prevent termite infestations

Ace Pest Control is a termite control expert that works in Midland, Odessa and Big Spring, TX. To prevent future termite infestations, you should:

  • Fix your leaky plumbing fixtures and divert rainwater away from your home
  • Remove old tree stumps and wood piles on your property
  • Cover up any cracks or openings around your house

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