Don't Let Rodents Run Rampant

Don't Let Rodents Run Rampant

Arrange your rodent removal appointment in Big Spring, Odessa or Midland, TX today

You already have a family to feed. You don't need to feed mice, too. Trust Ace Pest Control to complete your rodent removal job in Big Spring and Midland, TX.

Mice aren't as harmless as most people think. They can chew threw wires, contaminate surfaces with droppings and ruin your home's insulation. Hire us to place traps around your home until every last mouse is gone.

Get the ball rolling on your rodent removal project by contacting us today at 432-523-2084. We'll make sure you home is mouse free.

Don't let mice return to your home

Ace Pest Control offers rodent removal services in Midland and Big Spring, TX. Prevent mice from living in your home by:

  • Installing door sweeps and repairing damaged door screens
  • Sealing cracks and holes in your home's exterior
  • Taking out your trash regularly
  • Keeping food stored in air-tight containers

Call us as soon as you notice droppings, gnawing marks or small tracks in your home. We'll arrive in a timely manner to remove the rodents form your property.

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