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Don’t let pests plague your home. Ace Pest Control's expert technicians handle pest control and removal of all types to keep your house safe, healthy and vermin free. We provide solutions to everyday problems faced by Midland, TX homeowners like termite control and inspection, rodent removal and bee infestations. Failure to combat the problem head-on could cost you endless man hours, not to mention a pile of bills, to rectify once it gets out of hand. Don’t let it get that far. Call Ace Pest Solutions for help from an extermination expert.




Flea Control in Midland, TX and Surrounding areas

Quickly combat and remove unwanted fleas and ticks from your home

Did you know that an adult female flea can bite up to 400 times a day? Now imagine having dozens, if not hundreds, of these critters in your home and carpets. Fleas and ticks become a major concern for families with cats and dogs, so prevention and treatment is essential to holding the population at bay. Ace Pest Control technicians can quickly provide effective treatment to rid your home of these unwanted bloodsuckers. Keep your family and furry friends healthy by bringing in a pest control professional today.

Serving the Permian Basin Area: Andrews, Seminole, Odessa, Midland, Pecos, and Big Spring, TX

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Serving the Permian Basin Area: Andrews, Seminole, Odessa, Midland, Pecos, and Big Spring, TX

Keeping Your Structure Sound

Midland, TX and Permian Basin area termite inspection and treatment

Termites, amongst other pests, can cause your humble abode considerable damage from the inside-out. Bring in a licensed termite-control and pest specialist to keep termites from eating into your home investment. We use advanced industry technology to eradicate your pest and vermin issues, guaranteeing solutions to common household problems like termites, ants and vermin. Call to schedule your termite and pest inspection today.

Even mice can become a structural hazard. They only live 1-2 years on average, but can produce up to 60 babies a year. You don't need a rodent army running through the interior of your home or crawl space. These disease carriers aren't just a health risk-they're also notorious for gnawing on furniture, wood and sensitive electrical wiring. Trust the knowledgeable technicians of Ace Pest Solutions to keep your home safe.

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